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We develop innovative products and services for people using the telephone – particularly those who are disabled.

We developed trueCall – the UK’s first call blocking device. trueCall has won many awards (including ‘Product of the year’), and in independent trials has been shown to block over 95% of nuisance calls. In 2009 trueCall was featured on the BBC TV programme Dragons’ Den and got offers from all five Dragons. There is a special version - trueCall Care - to protect older and vulnerable people from nuisance calls, and trueCall VI for those who are visually impaired.

One and a half a million homes in the UK are now protected from nuisance phone calls by trueCall technology.

We thought that everyone who was deaf or hard of hearing should be able to encourage companies to contact them by email rather than phone, so we launched trueCall HL - a completely free service.

trueCall HL is run by trueCall Ltd

2 Old Palace Lane
Surrey TW9 1PG

Contact us at info@trueCallHL.co.uk / 0208 940 4111