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trueCall HL – A new free trueCall service for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

Using a price comparison web site, making a donation to a charity, making a sales enquiry, booking a train or a theatre ticket... they all ask for your phone number. Because you are deaf or hard of hearing you prefer not to be contacted by telephone (if they need to contact you they can email you – right?).

Trouble is, if you don’t enter your phone number you won’t be able to complete the form, but if you do enter your phone number the company may call you rather than emailing you.

Here at trueCall we offer a new, FREE service that solves this dilemma. When completing a form just enter one of the trueCall HL phone numbers:

         0333 888 1111 – Female voice
         0333 888 1112 – Male voice

When they call you they will hear the polite message:

         “Hello - Thank you for calling. I prefer to be contacted
         via email, please use the email address that you have for
         me - Goodbye”

Remember - some companies actually do need your phone number – maybe they need your mobile number to send you a text as part of their validation process, or it's a flight booking, or a form at a hospital. In these cases it may be better to give them your real number.

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  • Win the battle against robot messages, silent calls and cold callers who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer

  • Win back control of your phone number

  • Reduce the number of unwanted calls you receive

  • Send a clear message to companies that you value your privacy

  • Show the Call Centres who is in charge!